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Welcome to Little Profs!

A shop dedicated to washable/reusable cloth nappies and accessories. We are driven by our passion for children, great interest in supporting families and care for the environment through the reduction of household waste.

Having a baby comes with lots of expectations and anxieties, one of them being the impact on finance – our personal experiences explains this. Research shows that by the time a baby is potty trained, he or she would have had as many as 4,000 nappy changes or more, hence we have resolved to support parents to put the cost of these 4,000 or so nappies back into their savings through reusable nappies, rather than throw them away with disposable nappies.


Washable/reusable cloth nappies, comes in a range of materials chosen to soothe baby’s skin – Cotton, Bamboo, Microfiber and Hemp. With several years of personal experiences and experimenting, we can testify to the goodness of these materials on baby’s skin. We stock mainly products made with bamboo materials because of its incredibly soft, comfortable, highly absorbent and ECO friendly nature. It absorbs up to 60% more than cotton and is completely biodegradable. It has a very short growth cycle and is easily cultivated.

Although it is usually felt to be slow to dry, the inserts are completely detachable to aid fast drying. The white polyester at the bottom of the inserts helps keep the wetness inside, while the bamboo fabric on top dries quickly thus keeping baby dry and comfortable. All our nappies are one piece, no pockets, thus making it so easy and convenient to use by any one.

Take a look at our products and if you have any questions or need advice/support, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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